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As an institution grows, its Information Technology base is challenged to grow with it. Questions of performance, versatility, accuracy and partnership integration can be answered and the solutions need not be disruptive.

When a legacy IT solution requires redevelopment or total replacement, SCG implements Incremental Migration methodologies. We begin by thoroughly understanding your existing solution, including the development platform. We then identify the most current tools available for the legacy solution and develop a strategy to manage a transition to the new target solution.

Our goal is to minimize or eliminate the costs and disruptions normally associated with the implementation of new Information Technology solutions.

SCG has extensive experience migrating legacy data files to modern client/server database platforms.
ASP to ASP.NET with C# or Visual Basic Oracle to PostgreSQL
xBase DBF to Sybase Advantage Database Server
Data transformation and/or migration
Extract, Transfer and Load (ETL)
dBase/FoxBase/FoxPro/Clipper to Open Source xHarbour
BASIC to Visual Basic
Tcl/Tk coding Vignette StoryServer